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“Metamorphosis,To win the future!Can company annual meeting”2016Years Good review
       2016Years2Month2On the afternoon14:18Points,For the company2015The annual work summary and commendation congress,Looking back and looking,This year is the company going
 To enter“Golden nine silver ten” Cement price increases for larger market is poorer areas2019/9/12
 How to determine quality of aggregate?Control the bad quality of sand and gravel aggregate,It is difficult to control the mass concrete2019/9/11
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  Jiangsu ji can reach environmental energy technology co., LTD is a professional engaged in cement、Electric power、For gold、The technology and equipment research and development of manufacturing chemical and other industries、Production line engineering general contracting、Technical consulting and services for the integration of national high and new technology enterprise。
  The company has modern production workshop、Professional processing equipment and automated production lines at home and abroad,Perfect detection technology and product quality guarantee system。Companies adhere to the“Science and technology innovation,People-oriented,Integrity win-win”The road,Relying on a group of excellent talents and universities、Scientific research institutions to carry out the production for a long time、To learn、Research cooperation,Has successfully developed roller press and semi final grinding system and equipment、The modifiedO-SepaClassifier、T-SepaxEfficient separation classifier、The wind sweep type powder special dryers、The three-cylinder dryer、A variety of dust removal equipment, etc。Won many national invention patent and the patent for utility model……