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Yizheng city star chemical co., LTD is located in jiangsu yizheng city horse economic development zone,333Provincial road edge,The transportation is convenient。The company covers an area of 50 mu,With plant and other ancillary buildings30000Square meters,Fixed assets6000Ten thousand yuan。The existing staff186People,All kinds of technical personnel with college degree or above,And those from a certain experience in employment。Relying on YiHua institute of technology advantage,Adopting advanced automatic production equipment at home and abroad,Scientific and technological content,High value-added products。

2003Years6Our company was awarded the private technology enterprises in jiangsu province,2005Years was awarded the high-tech enterprise in jiangsu province,2009Years was awarded the private technology enterprises in jiangsu province,2012Years was awarded the private technology enterprises in jiangsu province,The existing national patent13Items,Yangzhou city well-known trademarks“Xinghai”,The company has passedISO9001、ISO14001、ISO18001System certification,Products to high-end customers as the main consumer market,Annual production value amount to1.5One hundred million yuan。

The company after years of development,Spinning has been established、Draw texturing、Weaving、Printing and dyeing and other industrial chain,Have four composite spinning production lines,FK6-1000Add play four unit,The machine can produce single component、Two-component differential fibre,Chenille three thousand spindle spinning machine and its ancillary facilities。2013In the company's latest investment1000More than yuan set up automatic switching winding head,A step spinning composite spinning line,All use the imported electric control equipment, as well as a new one6Tons of boiler。At present, the company can produce all kinds of yarn、Chenille yarn、The carpet、Clothing、Cleaning supplies、Home textile products and other series products。

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Contacts:Ren-zhong zhou(The manager)
The phone:0514-83666088
A mobile phone:13905252205
The mailbox:[email protected]
Address:Yizheng city in jiangsu province horse set industrial clusters
Zip code:211414
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