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Huaian science and education industry investment holding co., LTD
  • Huaian science and education industry investment holding co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as“The holding company for technology and education”)Is set up on the approval of the people's government,Affiliated to jiangsu province economic and technological development zone management committee of the state owned company。Science and education holding company was founded2013Years9Month,Huaian science and education industry development office within the scope of the state-owned assets to invest、Operation and management。

    At present,The company's registered capital9One hundred million yuan;The total assets16One hundred million yuan;Net worth11One hundred million yuan。Administer1A wholly owned subsidiary。Company to science and education industrial park scientific research work and achievements,Capital operation platform for the park infrastructure construction,For the park land reclaimed、To buy back、Reserves、To sort out、Provide carrier operations listed services and development,To supervise and control the industrial park of state-owned assets、Operation。

    Science and education holding company set up three years,Tightly around the development zone office departments and science and education industry development strategic layout,Clear development goals。More than 10, one hundred million yuan investment successively built the red flag canal channel point of people's livelihood project(A: the gross area is approximately ten thousand square meters);The residents in the construction of the jiulong lake park public welfare projects(One hundred and thirty thousand square meters);Has the wisdom of a research incubator and achievements transformation service、2、Three phase of the project(Two hundred thousand square meters)。

    The construction company will be based on,To carry out capital operation,Revitalize the stock of assets,Using their own advantages to strengthen science and education industrial park of capital operation ability,To better promote the campus supporting functions and project construction,Promote industrial park of science and technology innovation ability and regional competition ability,Strive to bring the company into a first-class investment of state-owned assets operating companies in the city。

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